Each soul, in it's bodily lifetime here, is speaking
it's own language of desire, possibility and adventure.

If you are on this page, I imagine you have been having an experience of dissatisfaction,
limits you have been unable surmount, a goal you've been unable to reach, suffering, pain,
or even illness of some kind.

Did you ever hear that "suffering was optional", but wondered how??
My message to you from the masters and the teachers is that there is remedy available.
Together, you and I find it, by you bringing what you have, and I bringing all that I have.

All the different parts of your life and this world are
a beautiful play and a mystery to move about in.
But with all of life's trials and tribulations, it can be difficult for us
to stabilize our spiritual perspective, and have it with us as a dependable friend...
In spiritual counseling, I help you to find your personal spiritual vision of yourself and your life,
so that you can feel it informing all that you do and experience, and enjoy life more and more,
regardless of the situation you find yourself in.
Deep inside your story, are the keys to your freedom. I can be your guide to find them.

In my counseling practice, I help you navigate the skills of self mastery;
> Self Inquiry
> Imagination
> Discipline
> Motivation
> Refinement of feeling
> Active engagement with your life path

My goal in my practice is to guide you to a place of
self love, improved skills, and knowledge.
My hope is that as soon as possible, you will be equipped to surmount the suffering within any situation you find yourself in, and be able to navigate your way to a new place on your own, without the need of someone like myself.
Your inner skills and keys to your freedom are there within you to be discovered.

Together, we will gently enter the places of feeling where the precious gems of freedom and peace are buried.
In those places, we may touch on anger, fear, sorrow, loss, guilt or shame, and it will take some courage to enter there.
But it is safe to enter, and very often, those are the places that call out for healing within us, and in facing
our ancient wounds as they play out in our present lives, our past can be healed, and our present released.

My approach to offering guidance is structurally aligned with A Course in Miracles and informed largely by
"The Work" of Byron Katie, Trans-personal Psychology, Family Systems theory, Neuro-Linguistic Programing, and elements drawn from the world's many spiritual traditions.

$110/session - minimum one hour sessions

Appointments may be booked on an individual basis,
but value and success are delivered best when guided
by goals, intentions and commitment.
After a free initial consultation, I offer
a 25% discount for
pre-purchased appointment packages
of 8 or more appointments,
a 30% discount for 12 or more.