Spiritual Space / Feng Shui / Design

The environment you create for yourself -
it's space, it's sound, light, shape, color, texture, smell and arrangement -
is a music, a play, a dance, a tool for living and a healing relationship
for you to have with yourself and those you are with.

In my view, the useful, the practical and the sacred may all
be brought to the design process. My work is to bring
joy, peace, delight, fun and elevation of the spirit
to any design venture.

In our collaborative design process as client and practitioner,
we create a home or business environment that not only fulfills the
physical and energetic needs you have, but also supports
the vitality, peace, productivity and health of the inhabitants.

There is no physical property in our three dimensional world
through which a beautiful poetry cannot be made.
And the invisible energies in space are also part of the language
I help you to create beauty with.

The earlier I am brought to a project, the more influence I can have
on ensuring it's compatibility with your needs and desires, and the
more cohesive an entity the result will be. And, this is also true
for remodeling projects, be they single rooms or whole structures.

Standard, competitive fees apply,
based on project percentage or fee per building phase.

Please inquire. :)