The word meditation means different things to different people,
and it means different things in different traditions.
And, in as much as the word refers not just to an activity,
but also to an internal experience, it means something unique to each individual.

Your personal experience is what we have to start with, and working with your
actual experience is the only relevant process for us to engage in
as practitioner and trainer.

In your life, in this lifetime, there is a next-level destination for you,
and my usefulness to you is my ability to listen to your truth and translate it
so I can more appropriately help you to develop a spiritual practice which
you personally experience as beneficial.

Likely it will employ a particular form of meditation. There are many.
It may include a form of prayer or mantra.
Maybe it will involve developing your relationship to your own spiritual or inner guidance.
Maybe there will be some study as well as practice for you to begin.

This much we will agree on in the end:
Your truth flows from inside you, and your inner world is limitless.

Your inner world is a source of energy, joy, guidance, love, strength, and peace.
If you are willing and you earnestly desire,
I would be honored to help you discover, explore and navigate this inner world,
so that you can have access to the ecstasy of connection with the higher realms
that enrich your personal life experience in a way which is beyond description.

You can learn mediation from a book...

My training is for those who want the support and personalized instruction.
The benefits of a personalized training approach are:
> Accelerated Progress.
> Support for the formative stage of developing discipline and routine.
> Continued direction through periods of lesser clarity.
> A more direct path to an enjoyable and sustaining practice; using time well.

Training proceeds along a regular schedule designed to establish the following:
1. Enjoyable practice
2. Regular practice
3. Education necessary to expand practice through useful metaphysical and spiritual principals.
4. Introduction to the experience of spiritual living beyond meditation practice.

Fee is on a sliding scale donation basis, based on income.
I welcome your inquiries.