Thank you for visiting my website and for visiting this page.

This is a way for you to meet me, but it will of course, be incomplete,
so I invite all questions you may want answered by me
as you go about choosing a professional to work with.

I believe there are no accidents in human encounters, and so
I believe you are here for a reason. I often encourage informal meetings
before we decide to work together or a fee is exchanged.
Before accepting a client, I must must have a sense of the purpose
of it, and will be looking for you to tell me that you also feel
a meaningful pull for us to work together.

I will provide professional service in the many areas you find here,
but regardless of the context or appearance, my method might best
be described as shamanic.

And just to be funny:
"[ shah -m uhn, shey -, sham - uhn]
  1. noun

  2. (especially among certain tribal peoples) a person who acts as intermediary between the natural and supernatural worlds...

Whether the task before you is emotional healing, improved employee morale
at your place of business, or a lighting plan for your home,
I will bring the following to every collaboration, all work;

1. My reliance on extrasensory connection and perception to guide me in all things.
2. My creative fluency in space, time and all sensory systems.
3. My experience of this world as a place where the sacred and the mundane
are always interwoven.
4. My desire for a shared experience of adventure, joy and success.
5. My desire to be of service to you by listening deeply to what it is you
bring to me in your situation and in your self.
6. My listening for the hand of Divine Purpose.

While I have had specific training and instruction in:
art, dance, music, ceramics, painting, cuisine, design, architecture, sales, financial products,
real estate, leadership, Qi Gong, management, meditation, performance, internal energy work, Zero Balancing, etc...

It is safer to say that I am self-taught in all things, having used most of my lifetime
in the acquiring of knowledge, skills and experience.

I am deserving of an experience of great success, which we will share.
If I am not convinced that I am equipped to do my part to achieve this,
then I will not begin work or accept fee for service. I will instead redirect you
to a trusted colleague for service.

May the Blessing in All Things be Felt and Known,
at Your Service in Joy,
Doug Randak